How to Choose the Best Payment Terminals for Convenience Stores

The best payment terminals, in our opinion, are the ones that make both the merchant and the customer happy. Of course, every merchant has their own criteria as to what they think makes the best payment terminal and different customers have their own opinions as well, but in this article I’m going to focus on one specific type of store – convenience stores – and provide you with some criteria you can use to choose your payment terminals so that they’ll be best suited to your business and your needs. Let’s begin!


Pax A920 Review

Smart terminals are as advanced as our smartphones. One of our favorites is the PAX A920. This smart terminal is offered in WiFi and 4G. The PAX A920 has an intergraded printer, touchscreen, and cash drawer. You can accept all major credit cards, debit cards and so much more; Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal Mobile Checkout! Pax also offers a point-of-sale app that will help you track inventory, sales data, and more! With Pax’s mobile app you can even check yours till totals from anywhere at any time! The PAX A920 accepts EMV chip cards which give you greater security when processing payments. If you’re looking for a way to increase profits with less work then Pax is a great option!



Lytikapay offers modern, mobile-friendly payment terminals that are right at your business made for convenience stores. At an affordable price, convenience stores benefit from the best payment processing solutions with next-day payouts and around-the-clock support through Lytikapay. Pax A920: Pax A920 is Lytikapay’s first product and one of its most popular. With Pax A920, small business owners can accept debit cards with chip technology and contactless payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay.


Is There Another Option?

LYTIKAPAY offers more than 50 different terminals for payment processing such as POYNT, Dejavoo, Ingenico, Verifone, Move, and many others. Pax A920 is one of them. Pax A920 is a terminal with a great design, fast transaction speed, and low monthly price. Pax A920 supports contactless payments using NFC technology which allows you to accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Android Pay with no additional hardware required on your side! This terminal has an integrated printer that allows you to print receipts or coupons in-store!


The Ultimate Solution

If you own a convenience store, it’s important that you have a payment processing solution. You want your customers to be able to buy something on impulse and pay right away so that they feel good about their purchase. In order to accomplish that goal, you should use one of these three best payment terminals for convenience stores: Poynt, Verifone, or Pax. What's right for your business? Call us today to find out more 1-866-295-0555

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