Sonic Sync - integration with QuickBooks & Sage


Merchants can customize the Poynt terminal with apps designed to create a more efficient business operation. Best of all, they each include a free trial - so don't be shy to try them out! Below is a list of apps that are currently available for download and trial.  We are constantly approving and adding new apps, so please check back to see if your favorite apps are available.


How it works

Sonic Sync We are pleased to reintroduce our integration with QuickBooks Online (previously known as DataSync).  This app allows merchants to export transactions and orders to QuickBooks Online. Features include automated daily syncs, as well as the ability to choose a past date to start syncing your transactions from. All data is synced with Order & Product item information from the Poynt Register & select 3rd party apps 


Step 1: Log into your account and visit the “Accounting” page.  Click on the Connect button next to QuickBooks Online.


Step 2:  Sign in into your QBO account in the pop-up.


Step 3:. Click Connect to finish the login process.  This will now link your QBO account to your Poynt store.



Step 4:  Next, you will be redirected to the mapping screen. This shows you how categories in Poynt map to the categories in QBO.  Choose the chart account from the drop down menu for the Income Account category.


Step 5:  Click on Test Sync on the bottom of the screen.  This will send a few transactions to your QBO account.


Step 6:  To verify the sync is successful, go to your QBO account and click on Sales tab on the left hand side.  You should see transactions populated in the All Sales tab.  


You'll also see "Poynt Customer" created.  This is what all Poynt transactions will be associated with.


You can also see products, taxes, fees and discounts being synced in the Products and Services tab.


Step 7:  Once you have seen data flowing through , go back to Poynt and click on “Yes, I verified”.


Step 8:  Now that you've confirmed Poynt data is flowing through, it's time to sync your previous transactions.  We recommend you sync transactions starting from 1 year prior.


The initial sync will take time, depending on how far back you choose to go.  You can check the status of the sync by going back to the Accounting tab in Poynt HQ.


Now that the sync is completed, your transactions will be transferred to your QB Online account every day.