Homebase - Automated Employee Management

Merchants can customize the Poynt terminal with apps designed to create a more efficient business operation. Best of all, they each include a free trial - so don't be shy to try them out! Below is a list of apps that are currently available for download and trial.  We are constantly approving and adding new apps, so please check back to see if your favorite apps are available.


How it works

Homebase turns (almost) any device into a time clock to track hours, breaks, and overtime. Plus, makes payroll prep a breeze. No paper. No spreadsheets. No nonsense.


Click the Homebase icon on your Poynt terminal

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to set your owner password (this is required to login at joinhomebase.com)
  • Your employees will automatically be imported into Homebase
  • Employees with email addresses on file will be invited to setup their account for use with our free iPhone and Android mobile apps

Using the Time Clock

  • Unique PINs have been assigned to each employee and a copy has been sent to your Poynt printer for your reference
  • You can edit PINs, employee permissions, access clock-in photos and set time clock preferences for breaks, tip tracking and shift feedback by logging in to your account at joinhomebase.com

Other On-Device Features

  • Click the Schedule icon on top to view the weekly team schedule
  • Click the Reports icon on top to view employee shift reports or company summary information for the day (PIN required)
  • Click Time Clock to return to the PIN entry for time tracking activity




Set Team Rules
Customize team preferences by visiting Settings; Add breaks, overtime rules, set payroll dates, create no-show alerts, and more!
Build Schedule
Click Schedules and start to build your weekly schedule. Press publish on top right corner to send out to the team
View Timesheets
Click Timesheets to view and edit time cards, check out time clock photos and export data in payroll ready CSV or Excel files


Don’t forget to download the free iPhone / Android mobile app for even more features!


Note: App availability may vary - please contact your sales organization representative for more info.